Features What CrazyCTR can do

  • Hundreds of tweaks to increase your CTR

    CrazyCTR boosts your CTR by optimizing your banners, making them stand-out and eye-catching for visitors of any website you advertise on, including Facebook, PoF, mobile or others. From 1 image you can generate, within few clicks, hundreds of improved variations of your image. Some tweaks(effects) that can be applied :

    • borders with different colors and thicknesses
    • borders with tons of different shapes
    • image enhancements: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma, RGB values, blur, sharpness, sepia, grayscale, noise, vignette, posterization
    • image distortion: flip horizontal/vertical, twirl, pinch, line smear, triangle ripples
    • badges over images
    • signs and marks over images

  • A top of 50 tweaks proven to increase CTR. Keep a list of your favourite tweaks.

    CrazyCTR can generate lots of variations, but which of them to try out first? To answer this, we tried, based on our users feedback to make a top of 50 tweaks which applied to your images generate variations that get the best results. We guarantee that by testing variations generated by these 50 tweaks, you'll get some very nice CTR results compared to non-tweaked versions. For Facebook advertisers, these tweaks are also chosen to be much easier approved by Facebook.

    By testing multiple CrazyCTR variations, you may find some tweaks that get some kick-ass CTRs. To help you easily re-apply the winning tweaks, we added a feature that allows you to save tweaks to a favourites list.

  • Generate UNLIMTED variations using the Randomize feature. Combine tweaks to produce outstanding, eye-catching banners.

    This awesome feature of CrazyCTR can practically generate unlimited numbers of different variations for you to test. CrazyCTR randomly choose the parameters of all the effects available, combines them and than applies the result to your images generating some impressive variations. You can also select what type of effects to randomize:

    • Border colors
    • Border thiknesses(and glow)
    • Border shapes
    • Image effects
    • Image distortion

    Furthermore you can combine multiple tweaks like different borders or multiple effects to produce variations that grab users' attention even more.

  • Gather and prepare images from the web ultra-fast

    CrazyCTR allows you to find, crop and resize images on the fly, directly from the web-pages that contain the images like Google Images, Deviant art or Flickr. You can make your ad image ready to be uploaded to Facebook/Pof without leaving the browser.

    To use this feature you just need to install a tiny extension for Chrome/Firefox. When the extension is activated, you can easily select any image from any web-page and crop it(if needed) before adding it to your CrazyCTR account.

    The image is automatically resized to Facebook/Pof standard image ad size.

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  • Batch mode processing

    Every tweak can be applied in batch mode(up to 40 images at a time), saving a lot of time. You also have live preview of changes when customising tweaks.

  • Multiple image uploads of any size

    The latest updated allows users to upload images of any size, not only Pof/Facebook standard size.

  • Keep your ad images organized in campaigns

    With CrazyCTR you can keep your images organized in your secured account and you can access them whenever you want.