FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is CrazyCTR?

CrazyCTR is a web-based tool for web advertisers that tweaks ads for higher CTR by applying eye-catching effects to ad images, generating tons of variations for you to test. CrazyCTR also has a browser extension that speeds up the process of collecting and preparing ad images.

2. Is this proven to increase CTR?

We guarantee that if you split test just a few of the variations generated by CrazyCTR, your CTR will be higher than the original ad CTR. However, there is no magical tool that is 100% sure to increase CTR without testing, the result depends on the product promoted, original image, ad text, etc...

3. What kind of tweaks are applied to my images?

We call the combination of effects CrazyCTR applies to images as tweaks. The effects are chosen to make your ad stand-out: borders with different shapes and styles, basic image effects like contrast, saturation, hue, etc... , image distortion effects, different signs, marks and badges over images.

4. Can't I just use Photoshop? Why use this tool?

If time is important to you then you'll choose CrazyCTR, in under a minute you can generate 5800 variations from 40 images. If you would like to spend extra-hours per week, even per day, doing the same thing on Photoshop than this product is not for you.

5. Do 110x80 images still work on Facebook?

Yes, 110x80 images still work, they will be smoothly resized by Facebook to 100x72 pixels, so there's no need to worry, the quality is maintained.

6. Are the variations approved by Facebook/Pof, or I'm just wasting my time here?

Variations generated by CrazyCTR do NOT violate Facebook/Pof Advertising guidelines. Even though, any Facebook advertiser know how Facebook handles ad approvals, so in case that your original images are approved and the ones tweaked are not, you can submit batches of different images with same borders/effects, so the approval team will focus on the main images not on the effects applied to them.

7. How can I choose my own border color, shape or other variables?

Once you get to the 'Tweak images' page, click on a preview thumbnail and than click on 'Open tweaks editor' near the 'Tweaks' panel header. From there you can choose what effects you want to apply and customize them as you wish.

8. I tweak lots of images at once, there is a way to save variations in separate folders for each tweak ?

Yes, you can. When you are on Tweak images page, on the right side of the 'Variations preview' panel, near the 'Results' status you'll see a small settings icon. Click on that, check 'Save variations in separate folder for each tweak' and press 'Save settings'.

9. [Browser extension] What browsers work with CrazyCTR extension?

Currently the extension is supported by Firefox and Chrome browsers.

10. [Browser extension] Sometimes the Add button doesn't appear over the images I hover?

It may sometimes occur that the extension loses comunication with the browser, but that can be easily fixed by just refreshing the page.

11. [Browser extension] Some images can not be added to my account. Why?

There are multiple reasons:
- the website from where you are trying to add the image has some sort of protection
- your trial/subscription has expired
- you reached the maximum number of images allowed on your account(in this case you need to upgrade or contact us to increase the limit)
- there is an error on our server

12. [Billing] What's your refund policy?

For Monthly subscriptions: CrazyCTR is not processing refunds for monthly subscriptions. We are offering a 3 days FREE trial period, which we think it's enough to evaluate the product. You can also cancel the subscription at any time and you won't be charged again next month.
For One-time fee: We will give you a full refund if you request it within 7 days after charge.

Do you have other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll get back to you within 1 business day.